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Sweet Dreams & Good Food ...To Warm Hearts

Sweet Dreams & Good Food ...To Warm Hearts, the heirloom cookbook that warms hearts with both good food and by raising money for charity is now available!

The cookbook is a compilation of recipes from numerous sources with something for everyone - recipes old and new, fast and fancy, decadent and healthy.

Available in two versions, the print version in a 3-ring binder pictured above with Lilly; and also a digital USB version.  The 3-ring version allows you to add pages with your own notes and recipes; the USB version (below with Cassidy) is a highly portable pdf version that not only has a clickable table of contents that takes you right to the recipe you select but also has additional bonus content.

You can purchase either version for $15 plus shipping, or get both for $25.  All proceeds from your purchase after covering the cost of printing go to Relay for Life/American Cancer Society and animal shelters to support the fight against cancer as well as the lives of our animal friends that bring us so much joy.

You can purchase these in the following ways:

Order HERE

Note: cookbooks do not include cats shown - visit your local shelter to adopt!


UPDATE: As of March 2011, your purchases have enabled us to support these causes with over $1000 worth of donations!  The printing costs for the cookbooks are now covered (those are the only deductions from proceeds - no high paid CEO here!), and all subsequent proceeds will go entirely to worthy causes.  Yes, that means if you buy a book for $15, $15 goes to charity!  Such a deal - get yours while they are still available.